What’s the best way to tell the difference between Windows 7 and 8?

What the developers have to say:Published on: February 09, 2018 14:35:18The latest version of Windows 7 has a new “feature” called Windows 7 Aero, which makes the system’s design a little more subtle, according to the developers of a new blog post.

It’s a “major enhancement,” they wrote, “that makes the new Windows 7 look a lot like Windows 8, but much less pronounced.”

It’s not an entirely new look, however.

Windows 7 made a few minor changes, including making the Start menu and desktop look a little less similar to the Windows 8 Start menu.

And the company also made some changes to the default wallpaper.

This new Aero looks much more subtle and subtle, and makes the experience a little easier to use for a lot of people.

“Windows 7 Aero is a major enhancement,” the developers wrote.

“It makes the Windows 7 system look a LOT like Windows 10.”

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