What’s in the 711 Leaflet Lane leaflet?

The 711 light blue and white Leaflet lane signs, used to mark the arrival of people on the 713 bus route, are now being replaced by a yellow light that looks similar to the old light blue light.

A new leaflet has also been installed to inform people of the changes, as well as offering directions.

The 711 bus route between Vancouver and Surrey will have to be completely replaced and the 714 bus route will have a new, yellow light on the side of the road, with a new message printed on it.

It is also the first time the bus route has been changed in its history.

It means people will be able to use the 721 bus route in place of the 717 bus route.

The new light blue sign also gives people the option to have a look at the new leaflets and directions.

In Surrey, the 718 bus route is being replaced with the 719 bus route on the old bus route and there will be a new bus route running from the 722 bus route to the 723 bus route (and vice versa).

There will also be a bus route from the 5th Avenue and Fraser Highway to the 541 bus route across the city.

Vancouver City Council will vote on the plan to replace the bus routes on May 8, with the new bus routes to be in place by the end of July.

The new bus lines are scheduled to begin service in September, 2018.

Vancity Buzz has contacted the city for more information about the plans.