Which leaflet are you using?

The Museum of Modern Art has launched its leaflet marketing review service, Centra Online, and it’s an intriguing tool for curators, conservators and other creative types.

It’s designed to be a free tool for creative people, curators and anyone with a creative vision, and while the service is not a substitute for curatorial knowledge, it can help give them insight into how their work is being presented to audiences, and helps them make better use of their time.

The service, which launched on Tuesday, comes in two flavours: free and paid.

Users are required to provide a photo ID and email address, and Centra will then send them a promotional leaflet with details about the subject. 

“The service is free for any curator and conservator, and for anyone with creative vision,” the website explains.

“If you’re looking for more information about the leaflet you have requested, or if you need to send feedback to Centra, the best place to send that feedback is the Feedback Center.”

The leaflet review service is designed for creative curators.

(Centra)Centra is a service run by the Art Museum of Chicago and the National Museum of American Indian and Alaska Native Art.

It’s free for anyone who is creative and wants to take the time to give their feedback to the creative team.

The service allows the curator to provide feedback on an existing leaflet or to update it with new content.

It also allows curators to create new leaflets, if they’re not able to create their own.

A leaflet can be updated via email, by tweeting at the museum, or via the website.

Centra is designed to encourage feedback from curators by letting them share their work on social media and by sending them personalized emails.

A few examples are below. 

The curators who are using the service have given their thoughts on some of the best and most successful leaflet ideas they’ve seen. 

 The new leaflet for the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.

(National Gallery of American Art) A new leafleting idea from the Smithsonian.

(NGA)The Smithsonian’s new leafletter is designed by a group of artists and is part of a new exhibition called  “The Art of the New.” 

The leafleted poster by the artist Raghu Jain is part of the exhibition. 

A leafleter’s leaflet idea for the New York City Museum of Art.

(NYC) Centra has been available since March, and has received more than 20,000 feedback from users.

While there are currently no paid versions of the service, the creators of the tool have decided to charge for the free version.

Centrapower also offers a paid version, which charges a fee per page viewed. 

What do you think about Centra?

Have you used it?