How to avoid the ‘disturbing’ leaflet that went viral

Leaflets in Gaza City, including the one that went online last week, are no longer welcome in Israel, and the government is now trying to stamp out them in order to stop the spread of terror.

The leaflets were created by a group calling itself the “Free Palestine Solidarity Group” and the Israeli Ministry of Education said it will soon be enforcing their strict guidelines.

The leaflets appeared on the web site of the Palestinian group on Wednesday morning.

The message was similar to those used by Hamas in Gaza, with a similar message on the same page, and similar wording, and was written in Hebrew.

The same message was also seen on the Facebook page of the group’s founder, Mamdouh Abu Mashaal, and on the Israeli Facebook page.

While the leaflets were clearly targeted at Gaza, the government has since removed them from the websites of other Palestinian groups.

However, the group has not yet issued a statement regarding its move.

On Friday, a Palestinian woman in Gaza who was on a bus with her husband and child said she was surprised to see the leaflets on her bus, as they had not been distributed by Hamas.

She said: “We saw them.

I saw them [the leaflets] on the bus.

It was not a normal bus, it was a normal passenger bus.”

The woman, who asked not to be named, said she would like to see her family’s house burned.

The Palestinian Authority issued a public statement condemning the leaflet.

It said:”This is not the first time that leaflets were distributed by groups that have not been recognized as legitimate groups in the West Bank.

The Ministry of Defense and the State Security Bureau have already ordered that they not be distributed and that they be removed from public places and institutions.””

The Palestinian people have a right to defend themselves against these types of attacks and have every right to do so, regardless of where they are.”

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Culture in Gaza said it would ban the distribution of leaflets that are in violation of the “spirit” of the cultural and educational establishments and that its personnel will be disciplined.

The statement said:There will be consequences for those who distribute such leaflets, especially for those involved in the distribution.

“The ministry has ordered the banning of the distribution and the removal of the leaflets from public spaces and educational institutions, and also ordered the ban of the printing of any such leaflets in schools.

It added that the ministry will investigate the incident thoroughly.

On Thursday, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in Gaza condemned the leaflets as a form of propaganda.

The agency’s Director General, Jan Eliasson, said:The leaflets, he said, were a flagrant violation of a wide range of cultural, educational and other values, including religious values, which should be protected at all times.”

It is unacceptable that in Gaza the Palestinian Authority is encouraging and encouraging the use of this kind of propaganda, which has the potential to incite hatred and to undermine the security of the citizens of the Gaza Strip.

“A spokesperson for UNESCO said it had received information that a group had distributed the leaflets, which are “clearly designed to incite against the State of Israel”.”

The organisation will, however, continue to take all necessary steps to prevent the dissemination of these leaflets,” she added.