How to protect your leaflet distribution in Israel

Share Posted November 09, 2018 06:08:17The leaflet was intended to be distributed in a place where it would not be intercepted, so that leaflets could be easily read by Israeli citizens and Israeli security forces, said Aya Bar-Zohar, head of the Israeli Civil Administration’s leaflet and communication department.

The leaflet, which will be distributed at some locations in the country, will be labeled with the address of the place where the leaflets will be placed.

“It’s a good idea to give it a title that’s unique to each place,” she told The Jerusalem Times.

“If it’s in a big city, we want it to be easy to find.”

The leaflets will also include the names of the people who will distribute them, as well as a number of instructions on how to do it safely.

Bar-Zolar explained that the leaflets are meant to be placed in a certain place and be easily accessible to the people.

“The leaflets should be able to be seen and understood by those who need them.

The most important thing is that the people can see and understand what the leaflets mean,” she said.

She said the leaflet can also be distributed without a permit from the Civil Administration.

“We know that a lot of people are not aware that they need to have a permit to distribute leaflets,” she added.

Bar and Bar-Szalai, who are also with the Hebrew University’s department of law, explained that they are not familiar with the details of how to distribute the leaflets in Israel.

“I’ve been doing leaflets for a long time.

But in Israel, it’s the responsibility of the Civil Adminstration to decide what kind of leaflets we can distribute,” Bar-Lai said.”

We are not in charge of how leaflets are distributed, but we are responsible for the rules and regulations that govern how they are distributed,” she explained.

The leaflets are being distributed by the Israeli NGO Avi, which has been working in the area since the beginning of the year.

“A lot of leaflets have been sent to the neighborhoods in Kiryat Arba, in Kiryuat, in Ramat Gan, in Jerusalem, and in the villages in Kirya,” Bar and Bar said.

“There are many leaflets that were sent to these areas, and we are distributing them in these areas.”

Ava is responsible for distributing leaflets to the areas under its jurisdiction, and Bar and Bars said that they would also be distributing leaflets in the Negev and Shechem regions.

“All of the leaflets that are distributed will be sent to Negevin and Shechita, in the West Bank, and also in the Gaza Strip,” she pointed out.

“As for the rest of the territories, we will distribute leaflets from the villages of Nablus, Beitunia, Kiryats, Salfit, and others.”

“We want to give the people in these regions a voice,” she continued.

“Our goal is to provide them with information, with education, with knowledge, and with the possibility to have their voices heard.

We want them to have information about how to protect themselves from threats and to be able defend themselves.”

Bar and Bars added that the idea to distribute them was started by Avi in collaboration with the Israeli civil administration.

“It’s an initiative that’s been going on for quite a while, and it was also a very important initiative for Avi,” she noted.

The NGO Avinor has also been operating in Israel for quite some time.

“In 2013, we distributed leaflets to several areas in Kiriyat, and they were distributed without permits,” Bar said, adding that Avi was not aware of the requirements for their distribution in the Israeli territory.

Bar said that Avinoreg had started distributing leaflets following the recent wave of terrorist attacks that took place in the Jewish state.

“Avinor is doing this for the same reason as the Civil Administrations, it is a service that helps to protect people,” she stated.

“So if they want to send leaflets to a village, they can do that, but Avinora will distribute it in the right places and in a way that is safe.

We hope that people will take advantage of the service that Avinoor offers.””

It is not a new service,” Bar added.

“This is the first time we’ve started distributing a leaflet.”

She also noted that Avineer was working on a program to distribute leaflets to the villages and communities of the West Banks.

“Since 2014, we’ve been distributing leaflets that come from our offices in the United States, and these leaflets were distributed in the areas of Kiryati and the Neha area, in which we are operating,” Bar explained.

“But we were surprised by the terrorist attacks in the Holy Land, and the terrorist activities in Israel in general.

I hope that these leaflets will continue